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We’re fooling ourselves, how else could it be

In a world full of cages we think we fly free

That no matter our station in life we have worth

That we as a species still care for this earth…

For there be some stirrings, a rumble beneath

Our love of hi-tech has mischief to bequeath

We think that the tracks to this runaway train

Are carefully laid though we chase it in vain

In our search for perfection we’ve forsaken good sense

Relying on theorem to form intelligence

It’s already too late, we have opened the box

A chaos of curses descend like a pox

In our haste to accelerate making life easy

We praise a contrivance that is piddling and measly

The beauty of nature, its wonder and magic

Reduced to facsimile contorted and tragic

Take seed that is flawless, its own universe

Now “Frankensteined” into a spore so perverse

So the day comes, and I’ve feeling it’s now

Under mauve skies, field of kidney-shaped cows

Made of concoction, a “sustainable” stew

Resembling amorphous soft curds of tofu

A field of red clover, a medley of green

A concept of life that has come from machine

Is that where we’re going? Is that what we want?

3D printed food from an aloof restaurant?

Nope not for me, I am drawing a line

Like a head-hiding ostrich, but in tall glass of wine

I rebuke and deny, go ahead, I’ll be fine

Take off in your spaceship and leave me behind!

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