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There’s something that we must address

The world is in a lot of stress

Barely managing our mess

Can we try to live with less?

Yet some would never be deprived

Of things they want, won’t be denied

Not satisfied with nine-to-five

They’re not just looking to survive

Beyond the “norm” they will exceed

Possess more than they’ll ever need

Live by the motto: “Good is Greed”

A sin so full of vast misdeeds

One that hoards makes people wince

Who selfishly all pennies pinch

That will not share, nor give an inch

Whose idol is the heartless Grinch!

Yet is there time to turn life round?

To plant our feet firm on the ground?

And hope that common sense is found

So that in surplus we don’t drown!!

Contemplate with less comes more

Re-learning what we're living for

When free from greed our spirits soar

And a better life is what’s in store!

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