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My Father

A man of few words

He's resolute and quite stoic

A monument to all men

Since the age Mesozoic

A certain generation

Confined and restrained

Hurdles aplenty

But they never complained

Tho there's sentiments few

Between this child and parent

Words are not needed

When trust is inherent

Yet divine and quite saint-like

Are such apt descriptors

Those rare words are sacred

As the holiest scripture

He is husband and father

Above all mostly friend

My hero of heroes

And on him I depend

I am taught without tension

I am guided with kindness

He sets standards of purpose

With sincere open mind-ness

In the moment he is present

With advice he is fair

He is generous to fault

For it's his nature to care

I am who I am

For the example he sets

To stay true to your values

Waste no time on regrets

And though he is burdened

More than one can think of

He's beyond dedicated

To his only true love

And yet should he falter

I stand at the ready

To bolster his spirits

To ensure he is steady

I may never stop singing

Of his praises and glory

My partner, my father

I need no end to our story...

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