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Never Too Late

Record breaking temperatures

Are hitting everywhere

Pervasive heat is simmering

Like portension in the air

Thanks to global warming

A most alarming trend

There’s no telling what might come

Or if this means the end

There is no denying that

There’s warmth where there was none

And devastating floods that leave

A country shocked and stunned

Now’s the time to stand the call

Declare that all that matters

Is making sure our future has

Protected air and water

For though us living far up north

May think this weather great

It should ring out disturbing bells

That doing right can’t wait

My children and their children too

Deserve a world secured

We can’t ignore what’s happening

We must not be deterred

Unfettered gross development

Is not how we’ll survive

Instead we must be tempered in

The means we use to thrive

We are capable and skilled

To know we’ve had enough

To finally realize the earth’s

As fragile as it’s tough

I ask that we all do our part

To save our world before

There’s no time left for anyone

And our planet is no more…

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