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No Truth In Darkness

*Illustration reference:

Residential school survivor Harriet Prince of

Sagkeeng First Nation

Credit - Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press Files

Take but a moment, close your eyes

Breathe in deep cool sweet air

Imagine running free through grass

So quick on feet left bare

Replace those treasured memories With cold stare and hard bed

You’ve been ripped from the life you love

To sharp blows ‘gainst your head

Confused and frightened so alone

To cries no one will listen

The rhythm of your life is now

Be beaten to submission…

There is no justice for their pain

Reduced to page archival

When all their people want is truth To honour their survival

There is no peace to reconcile

Till eyes are opened wide

Till souls returned cross rivers cold

Braced by the tears they’ve cried

And yet the surface barely touched

For secrets still lie buried

Unenlightened and unseen

The burdens they have carried

Those hardened layers now give way

It frightens with its starkness

We can’t be thwarted by the ache

There is no truth in darkness

So take that moment, close your eyes

And open full your heart

We must observe this day’s dark awe

Tho meager, it’s a start…

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