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Beauty oh beauty I’ve fallen on knees

Raised up mine eyes so that all I might see

A visage that’s shaped like the center of posy

Expression of cheer with a cheek that is rosy

A vision that makes all good fortune’s reversal

A bargain for charm this rare’s not universal

Like glimpse of a seraph in well hidden glen

A lyre-playing naiad so regal, yet zen

How might a creator come up with your being

What mythical star-sign could they have been seeing

Not sure that it matters, this earth has been blessed

Though ephemeral as a brief-visiting guest

My soul still refreshed as if supping from fountain

Restored youthful zeal from elixir its spouting

For beauty like yours is as healing as tincture

Storied and polished, your aspect be fixture

On pedestal high, where the exalted belong

I worship you, goddess, you’re Gaia reborn!

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