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So many things are on his mind

Yet that absorption makes him blind

Exasperation always shows

Tis often only way he knows

So dance I do on tenterhooks

To keep myself from side-glanced looks

When all that I should know is grace

But umbrage is what takes its place

Continue on with obligations

Hide I will all my frustrations

In hopes that at the end of day

A small fatigue is all I’ll pay

For there is so much more I’ve gained

From noble task I’ve been long chained

I’m taught to yield without a sound

A staunchness that’s not often found

A fortitude that few can rouse

Such depth subdues where doubts are housed

The freedom that atonement gives

Is lifelong gift like hidden bridge

That makes your journey that more light

No succor needs to make things right

And even if no end is near

I walk it without sweat or fear

I’ve given way, to rise above

And acquiesced with boundless love…

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