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Oh Canada!

Oh Canada

My home and adopted land

Though not born on your hallowed ground

I think you're mighty grand

I revel in your open skies

I sneeze in your fields of gold

In summer it's hot and sometimes it's not

But the winter’s unfailingly cold

The mountains are high and beautiful

The rivers do rush down the rocks

Sunny canola does blanket the hills

You can admire it all on long walks

A country regarded as thoughtful

The world remarks on our politeness

The people are refreshingly open and kind

In our smiles a particular brightness

And today there's this special occasion

One that's worth marking with glee

A birthday rejoiced from coast to coast

Brings out the sheer pride deep in me

In this day and age we are reeling

From a collective slamming of doors

Yet Canada remains a steadfast ally

To those who seek peace over war

And that is why I'll never wander

From my doorstep not far will I roam

Oh Canada I do so adore you

As do millions that call you their home!

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