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Pumpkin Spice

I find it most annoying

THAT flavour! Sweet and cloying

It’s fall’s most indulged vice

The ill-famed pumpkin spice

Pumpkin pie is king

Now flavours everything!

From beer, to cream and candles

It’s more than I can handle

You think it does no harm?

You can spread it under arm!

(The world’s its sycophant

When it becomes deodorant!)

I swear when fall comes round

That spice blend does surround

And permeates the air

It’s more than I can bear

Once fall was time we treasured

Now retail outlets pressured

They can’t stock shelves enough

With pumpkin spicy stuff!

But should we seek relief

When hanging Christmas wreath?

Instead we’re inundated

With scent that’s overrated

Think Christmas heaven sent?

Well, here comes peppermint!

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