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Saint Patrick's Day

As with all the holidays

Full of jolly silly ways

We haven’t honestly a clue

Of why we do the things we do

So let me take this time to tell

A story, perk up, listen well

About the day we all wear green

And now you’ll know just what it means!

Saint Patrick was a missionary

Was he devout? I would say very!

As a priest he made folk listen

Taught the Irish to be good Christians

Died, he did, March seventeenth

In Downpatrick, he lies beneath

His legend grew without restraint

And he became beloved saint

As time went on the Irish spread

Across the globe for coin and bread

Fled, the Irish Diaspora

Mostly to North America

The Irish proud, yet segregated

Vigorously they celebrated

Their heritage and Patron Saint

Struggled so, without complaint

So “fighting Irish” have their day

Observing it in their own way

With food, parades and green attire

Drinking to their heart’s desire

I think the aspect of religion

No longer has held much dominion

But does it matter? Are we bothered?

If people find joy with each other?

Let's thank Saint Patrick with good cheer

By raising high your green-tinged beer!

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