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Sea of Dreams

May dreams like waves be quick but soft

And carry all your hopes aloft

So that, when you, at end of day

Are lulled to sleep by gentle sway

And feel the love from those afar

That wish they could be where you are

Where sounds and smells stir memories

A sense of comfort gives you ease

Where trees are green and waters calm

A church bell marks end of a psalm

We cast for charms that quell our doubt

So we can pitch those quandaries out

For when this life has tipped the scales

And steals the wind from hoisted sails

Your journey still will make headway

Be brave while on your course you stay

Until pink skies give way to blue

And lighted house on cliff shines through

On crested swells o’erlaid with foam

Bewitched, the siren sings you home

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