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While laziness seems related to

The sin we know as sloth

There’s much more to this state of mind

Than one might once have thought

It is a type of carelessness

A lacking of endeavour

In health, appearance, relationships

The ties to verve are severed

Procrastination tempts us all

It's easy to be idle

Barely lifting feet off ground

We saunter and we sidle

Oddly enough it also means

You’ve taken on too much

That if you don’t prioritize

Lethargy is a crutch

Life is often difficult

We hate to face this fact

Sometimes we feel quite paralyzed

Without the will to act

If you are prone to idleness

And a tendency to laze

It's best you jolt yourself awake

Shrug off this doleful daze

The world does not owe you a thing

If you've a weakness, face it!

Lest opportunity escapes

When you don't run and chase it!

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