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Start Anew

I shall not do what I can’t say

Nor whinge of price I cannot pay

The time for sabotage is past

So black its heart it could not last

The shedding of this paper skin

Releases me from fix I’m in

These splintered nails can start to heal

They’re free of foes perceived and real

What exaltation comes with sign

When overhead the stars align

I see the end of months of strain

Salvation now is at the reins

Each breaking day I start anew

Foreboding sense of much to do

Shall now be faced with inner strength

No clock marks time of any length

I won’t be crushed, nor overwhelmed

Or cowed by things outside my realm

Repeated lessons made their mark

Epiphanies grew from that spark

Let year begin with optimism

An ardency for chances given

Who is to know what be the sum

Of all the wondrous things to come!

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