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Light blue skies and jade green grass

Can’t tell how much time has passed

Got cold drink, sat in the shade

Hanging loose, no plans are made

Buzz of mower in the distance

Inertia faces no resistance

Heat from sun it hypnotizes

Won’t be solving any crisis

Phone off hook and pad unplugged

Bowl of chips and iced wine jugged

How easy is a nice staycation?

My fridge becomes its own way station

My commute is only house to yard

Yet sometimes even that is hard

No planes to catch or crowds to fight

Comfy bed so I sleep at night

No tourist traps or tacky shops

No schedule with frequent stops

I’m where I always love to be

With dogs and cats, my family

There’s nothing wrong with staying put

Avoiding busyness afoot

Relax at home and you will find

“Vacation” is a state of mind…

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