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Steamy Nights and Jazz

Outdoors has the best acoustics

Jazz and steamy nights, the best mix

Twang of steel guitar and bass

Swish of brush on snare keeps pace

Nimble fingers dance on keys

Keeping beat with taps on knees

Sultry trumpet, breathy sax

You’re mesmerized as you relax

A tipped fedora, pointed shoes

The dulcet tones of dusky blues

Shades at night and cigarettes

Ice cold beer to stave off sweats

You lose yourself and close your eyes

While skilled musicians improvise

Jazz has never played by rules

As genre, it’s defined by cool

There’s spirit to its voice and tone

With attitude that’s all its own

Hot summer nights are best enjoyed

With music that leaves senses buoyed

And jazz transcends, no boundary

Its soulfulness will set you free…

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