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The Creeping Vine

The creeping vine is quite the plant

You want to track its course, but can’t

It creeps just like a stalking snake

And over garden it will take

It creeps on posts, it creeps up fence

Yet over “it”, there’s no defense

Its tendrils thin but instinct strong

It creeps where it does not belong

One day you’ll find it creeps your toes

And up your pant leg slow it grows

It’s through your shirt and now your hair

And soon all folks can’t help but stare

It’s up your nose and out your ears

So thick that only garden shears

Will stem its growth, though thickly rooted

You’ll start to find its leaves well-suited

Your hair no longer needs a curl

For ringlets of green stems will twirl

And come the spring pink flowers start

From plant you can’t tell you apart

You’re now so “vinely” vegetated

As hybrid human, be celebrated!

For Nature over us has won

When plant and person become as one!

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