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Roller Girl

*Illustration reference: Monika Wisniewska

Roller girl, she rocks my world

As round the rink she floats and twirls

Her hair is flying (beneath her helmet)

To watch her skate is time well-spent

Entranced by all her five-star moves

I love the way she darts and grooves

Commanding the surface on only small wheels

She’s clearly enjoying how freeing it feels

I wish I could join her, hold tight to her waist

I’d savour those vibes, or just a small taste

The strobe lights are flashing the disco tunes play

Right here by her side is where I’m gonna stay

She’s magic while rolling, enchantress on skates

I’m reliving childhood and that makes it great

It’s love beads, bell-bottoms and jackets with fringe

Bringing back memories with a kodachrome tinge

No matter the era, if there’s wheels on her feet

Each stroke is a dance, as she strides to the beat

It’s truly post-modern, it is movement as art

And my Roller Girl’s wheelin’ it straight to my heart

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