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The Many, The Few

A picture paints a thousand words

A thousand feathers buoy the bird

A thousand threads will weave a skirt

But single slight can strike such hurt

When millions join and ring with song

So many voices, firm and strong

A million coins may ease our need

When singly owned just signals greed

A world united brings great change

Can break down walls and unlock chains

Yet to great danger we’re at risk

When “chosen” few with spiteful fist

Turns throngs once free into their chattel

There’s nothing left but take to battle

Let not one dictate rules to all

Reject their hubris and their gall

For those that walk not in our shoes

Yet preach they are the best to choose

Will strip the whole for will of some

Be caught offguard whence vengeance come

As rise the masses, to move as one

When hindrance gone, our work is done!

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