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The Deliverer

Intrepid scout that knows no leisure

In frenzied search of treacly treasure

A warming note its telltale drone

The sweetest thrum we’ve ever known

From bud to bud it ziggy zags

This nimble thimble never lags

Upon the nectarous heart it draws 

Oh to be driven without pause

For good of all yet toil for one

There is no rest till work is done…

Unless if you take closer look

You come upon in nestled nook

A tiny ball of snoozing fuzz

How softly sweet its snoring buzz

We tiptoe out as not to irk

To grant respite from endless work

The honeybee, tis Nature’s cog

In wheel of life, its chore a slog

Propagating, distributing

So trees and plants are always fruiting

Such weight they bear on gauzy wing

Let’s give them praise for everything…

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