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Till Death...

*Illustration reference: "The Statue of Freedom"

by Thomas Crawford (1863)

Malaise pervades, like apathy

It clouds the mind with lethargy

Allowing tyranny to creep

While at the wheel, we fall asleep

But I still plead, what is there else

Except to claim rights for oneself

To act, to live, to breathe, to BE

Protect our prized autonomy

The kind that does not tread nor breach

Keeps to itself, out of their reach

But day has come, when on our own

Decisions are not made alone

Too many voices break this space

Dishonour, like a slap to face

A target now, upon our backs

Has left us open to attacks

When all we want, when all we need

Like captured bounty, to be freed

I dare them, try to hold us down

With all their might, they hope to drown

Assume us weak, our rage belies

They cannot kill what will not die

For mute with arms and hands still cheer

The deaf with eyes, can see to hear

The blind, with fingers, feel to see

And the will, when caged, fights to be free…

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