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The Frog and the Toad

A frog and a toad on the road met one day

Surprised they had not met before

Taken aback, were they cousins or kin?

Neither could say they were sure

The frog was so sleek and as moist as the rain

The toad was all lumpy with warts

The frog gave a rather censorious look

Which meant to put toad out of sorts

Lithe and athletic the frog hopped around

He couldn’t help feeling so haughty

The toad squat and broad would not be abashed

He thought the frog acted quite dotty

The frog feigned fatigue and stretched a long leg

The toad was sun-baked dull and grey

The frog was now growing quite parched in the mouth

Though the water was some yards away

The frog licked his lips for his thirst was acute

His delicate skin was quite dry

He needed the wetness of his cooling swamp

From the ruthless hot sun in the sky

The frog finally said through his slight pointed nose

“To meet you has made me so glad

Perhaps the next time we can go for a swim

We can hang at my swell lily pad!”

The frog bounced away just as quick as he could

Perturbed by the toad's disregard

He must be so jealous he's not more like me

To be plain in this life must be hard!

The toad grunted, “Fine.” And proceeded to crawl

His day would go on without change

He considered their contrast of modest concern

He felt neither lacking nor strange

The lesson to learn from conceits of the frog

Is something I can’t overstate

That longer of leg or more dainty in skin

Does not outdo opposite traits

If you be the frog then that makes me the toad

And the difference makes us so unique

Let’s embrace who we are and be just as we like

For it's acceptance in life we both seek…

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