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The Orchid

Every flower comes with a story

A mythology all of its own

And the orchid is very distinctive

Found thriving while clinging to stone

For orchids are not hothouse flowers

And will grow anyplace anywhere

No need to feel daunted or anxious

They succeed with your patience and care

They have fostered some modified structures

On inhospitable surface they linger

With worm-like roots seeking out moisture

Like creeping and gossamer fingers

Adorned with a bloom like no other

Its bowed stem an elegant feature

Beautifully waxed oval foliage

Makes this plant seem an alien creature

It needs a home meant not to smother

A pot that is small is the best

Watering weekly but lightly

Then let air and light do the rest

We marvel at orchid’s endurance

Their buds seem to last beyond measure

For scarce has become pollination

Which allows them to idle with leisure

I hope your home welcomes this flower

Its care’s not a bothersome duty

Like a creature it requires attention

But will thank you with flourishing beauty!

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