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The Pineapple

Majestic fruit adorned like king

I’d wear your golden juicy rings

Like treasured bangles round my wrist

And nibble on them lost in bliss

There’s something about tart and sweet

That makes it so we crave to eat

Harnessed in a prickly skin

Its luscious liquid drips from chin

Its pure ambrosia is intense

Arousing every human sense

This fruit is mighty versatile

In any fashion, every style

Savory and on the grill

Seared like steak, I'd eat my fill

Or braised in honey mixed with wine

Spooned on cake, a taste divine!

Fresh and eaten in the sun

To be enjoyed by everyone

Its iconic shape has come to be

The badge of hospitality

To me this fruit is without a doubt

The one food I can’t live without!

So hail the one that wears a crown

And tops the cake that’s upside down

Oh Pineapple, I bow before you

Your Sustenance, how I adore you

This hefty hulk of succulence

Forever known, from this day hence

As Potentate of Prickly Plants

(And hallowed home of Spongebob Squarepants!)

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