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This Poem is About Nothing

Just like Seinfeld boasts, this ode's about nothing

No learning, no hugging, naught slightest of something

But hey if you've nothing that's better to do

You're here now so go on and give it a view...

Perhaps you're like me and just sitting around

Trying to come up with something profound

It’s winter outside which is par for the course

I am fighting a cold so my voice is quite hoarse

I’m eating a sandwich of butter and cheese

Just because it was a thing made with ease

My faithful dog Yoshi is sitting with me

I gave her some carrot so happy she be

I did some light housework, my chore for the day

All done before noon ‘cause I like it that way

I’m sipping some water, I like it ice cold

I might have a nap ‘cause let’s face it, I’m old

I am pausing at typing, can’t think what comes next

Yes, batteries changed in the clock by my desk

I’m still feeling peckish, what more can I eat?

I rifle through shelves on the hunt for a treat

I should wrap this thing up, though I still could go on

And trust me, some poems of mine have been long!

But I’m quite satisfied that this poem is done

To be honest, composing this one was such fun!

It’s pure stream of consciousness written in rhyme

And I hope in its reading you had a good time!

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