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Tiger Tail

This tiger’s stripes are orange and black

But not the furry kind

It has not fangs or ears or claws

Is found in coldest climes

It’s not a creature roaming bush

It’s balled up in a cone

Uniquely found in Canada

We’re proud to call our own

This tiger is an ice cream flavour

A strange delightful mixture

And if you hunt it you will find

A true Canadian fixture

Black licorice is swirled and twirled

In ice cream flavoured orange

I know you’re screwing up your face

This combo sounds quite horrid

I guarantee you’ll be surprised

If you’ll just give a taste

The savory-tart sweetness works

So none will go to waste

So if you haven’t tried it yet

I ask you why you’re waiting

Your taste buds are in for a treat

There’s no use hesitating

If you live in Canada

It’s sure to be on sale

And you’ll be glad you got to grab

This tiger by its tail!

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