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I sit in traffic gritting teeth

I feel the stress grow just beneath

It simmers like a coiling snake

One more crack and I might break

Each day I navigate the road

And drivers at my nerves do goad

They speed and swerve without a glance

Do I get signal lights? No chance! They cut you off without a care

Express frustration? Don’t you dare!

Though they’ve put you through the wringer

They laugh at you or give the finger

But they don’t know the wrath they spur

The rampage that begins to stir

On the outside I sit quiet

But inside there is soon a riot

I turn into a stone cold killah

I toss their truck like I’m Godzilla

Like Armageddon, breathing fire

Crushing metal, melting tires…

Oh wait, my light has just turned green

Advancing slow, I wake from dream

And realize that they’re the fool

To disregard the laws and rules

I’ll let them be, stay in my lane

‘Cause no one cares when I complain

I take deep breath and exhale slow

I’ll get to where I want to go

Like turning cheek, take other path

And try to hold in check my wrath

It’s best to dampen all this fury

To lack control brings on much worry

These feelings must go somewhere else

For fear that rage turns on oneself…

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