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A Chance Encounter

*Illustration reference:

Photograph of Robert Frost

by Howard Sochurek

The LIFE Picture Collection

Two people, who live mostly parted

So conditioned to assume the worst

And thus had to be wary and guarded

Predisposed, doubtful and down-hearted

Second, ask question, protection is first

Against better judgment, felt each fair

Found their demeanour open and smiling

Clear their eyes, did not overly stare

Seemingly kind, disarmed by their care

Intrigued they were, their manner beguiling

They both that moment equally taken

And soon realized their suppositions

Too rash and quick, can be mistaken

Connections that they now are making

Instead of stubborn opposition

From this encounter I am urging

They who resisted and overcame

Two people instead of roads diverging

At last, animus and temper purging

Through chance encounter, fast friends became

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