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if life has got you down...

*Illustration reference: Photo credit - Tassii

If Life has got you down

In slough you feel you’ve drowned

Would it be very nice?

If you followed this advice -

Tis simple, when you wake

A different path you take

In how the morn you greet

Or what you make to eat

Put on a flashy shirt

Or pretty flowered skirt

Your funkiest of shoes

Don’t matter what you choose

Show bit of vim and pluck

Get out of rut you’re stuck

Don’t walk with eyes downcast

With strangers you fly past

Instead give jaunty wink

Who knows what they will think!

It’s all in how you spin it

Do not just bear and grin it

Approach each challenge gaily

Perspective changes daily

I promise that you’ll find

Much better passes time

What brings change to your view?

Who’s got control? Tis YOU!

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