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Fine Whine

No one wants to hear me whine

Go on and on, take up their time

As if there’s nothing good to do

But revel in this feeling blue

For sharing sorrow seems a chore

And sad things always tend to bore

And yet this form of writing lends

Itself to all the peevish trends

Like they that did my heart so wrong

We mustn’t mourn lost love too long

Or how the world has gone to crap

Our lives are just one long mishap

What would the grouchy poets do

If we can’t grouse a line or two

There’s nothing that quite brings together

Folks then harping on bad weather

There’s none more fixed camaraderie

Then misery loves company

I ask you, tell me honestly

When keen lament dealt brutally

Does touch that pit inside us all

In love with gripe we deeply fall

Hard to admit that sometimes fret

As close to happy that we’ll get

That some of us down path will follow

To special place we get to wallow

Deny us not our chance to shine

No vintage beats my finest whine…

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