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Ah, August...

Ah, August, how I barely knew ye

Now you’re gone, oh why you leave me

Standing in a pool of tears

My frosty mug bereft of beers

The grass still green, the leaves on trees

But there’s a chill hid in the breeze

For soon the lush of summer’s growth

Will vanish like an irked betrothed

Surrounded by the residue

That wilts whenever seasons skew

You dashed right by I had no time

Like Porsche Taycan, turns on a dime

I blinked or winked, and you were gone

I’ve no star left to wish upon

Abandonment on schedule

Yet by surprise, took like a fool

I scramble now to scarf it down

In sultriness I plan to drown

Until you slip from sweaty grasp

And watch in funk as you fly fast

You’ll linger on me like sunburn

As dream I will till your return…

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