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*Illustration reference:

"Saint Peter Penitent"

by painter Gerrit van Honthorst

The end is not the end, my friend

If you and I, this fence, we mend

This bridge we’ve crossed and then burnt down

Be built again, with poise that’s found

When time can soothe the hurts that ail

And cooler heads may yet prevail

We cannot let our fondness fade

O’er many years these bonds were made

There is no slight or piddling harm

That heartfelt handshake can’t disarm

Implore I do, you hear this plea

Do not choose animosity

Instead call out my bad behaviour

And I, as well, return the favour

For that is what good friends can do

We offer each a candid view

To have that trust and confidence

To be exposed without defense

A comrade that fulfills that need

Is something to be prized, indeed!

Though sometimes train may jump the track

There is no snub we can’t take back

I feel assured our muddled stride

Shall fall, with ease, to side-by-side

For swallowed pride’s no bitter pill

If we may call ourselves friends still

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