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Thoughts and Prayers

When all your life you’re taught to win

To give an inch is grave as sin

To choose to turn the other cheek

Is ridiculed and mocked as weak

Your very land’s identity

Is bound to grandiosity

No wonder hate pours into streets

Away at open-ness it eats

Until the simmer turns to boil

Any sense of truth is spoiled

The echoed thought: “they won’t ignore me!”

And out you go in blaze of glory

Like soldier that’s been sent to war

But what the hell you fighting for?

Who is your foe, your enemy?

Your anger blinds, so you can’t see

We’ve somehow lost the skill to cope

Seems easier to give up hope

And let that toxic poison run

Right through the barrel of a gun…

Our city streets, the corner store

Our very homes are safe no more

Our lives hang by a tattered tether

Yet key is banding strong together

Break down that arrogance at last

Let change that matters come to pass

Tear out the hate like it’s a cancer

For thoughts and prayers are not the answer!

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