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An Ordinary Life

On an ordinary street

In an ordinary town

In an ordinary house

Of an ordinary brown

Lived an ordinary man

With his ordinary wife

Quiet in vicissitudes

And ordinary life

Waking every day at six

And fast asleep by ten

Aperitif of sherry too

But only now and then

The indistinctive thrum of life

Had rhythm barely heard

The catalog of things they did

Left routine undisturbed

Like dinner time of man and wife

Was regular and plain

Meatloaf, chicken, cabbage pie

With veggies boiled and strained

On weekends when t’was sunny

A turn around the park

Or maybe early picture show

If mood struck for a lark

Never disappointment felt

For life that passed them by

Content in other’s company

Saw most things eye-to-eye

Side by side through thick and thin

Not far from path they’d stray

As long as they could kiss goodnight

Each cheek at end of day

When came the day they both were gone

And in eternal rest

Their family were much consoled

That each had lived their best

A muted life can still shine bright

Like song of caged canary

Grateful for the deepest love

Found in the ordinary

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