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Bee Gees

The soft feathered hair

That blows in the breeze

The satiny jumpsuits

With boots to their knees

The velvety whispers

That pass through their lips

The waves undulating

From sensuous hips

The BeeGees were honey

A confection of song

Kings of dance music

Their reign decades long

Their harmony perfect

This trio of brethren

Their vocals reached heights

Outshone angels in Heaven

So many hits that you

Barely believe it

Such gifted songwriters

Made music we needed

Their knack for great hooks

And a melody soaring

A delivery seamless

Had audiences roaring

And yet still today

Their songs resonate

Allows us reflection

On what made them great

I dare you to listen

And still not be moved

It touches your heart

And compels you to groove

Though they faced tragedy

Their love was so deep

They got a message to us

That we promise to keep

These seventies icons

Were talkin’ no jive

And their music today

Is still “Staying Alive”!

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