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Dog People

There’s a subject fascinating

And one that’s open to debating

Points on both sides by the heapful

Just what makes dog people, dog people?

I myself side with the canine

Can’t get enough of doggy playtime

But do they match my temperament?

Am I of certain bowwow-bent?

They say that dog folk like affection

And dogs and people like attention!

Their spirit is just so infectious

They’re energetic, conscientious

Agreeable and follow rules

Jump head first into swimming pools…

To that, I can’t say that is me

Am I relaxed? Am I lively?

But one thing’s sure, I live in bliss

When I get sloppy doggy kiss!

Who needs affirming, I don’t care!

Call me one, I think that’s fair

The only thing without a doubt

My dogs - I cannot live without!

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