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Everything Is Not Okay

I have come to the conclusion

There is a plague of mass delusion

An abandonment of informed reason

A surrendering and general easement

Of what made us sit up and pause

If someone dared to flout the laws

What’s once considered sheer corruption

Has now been given new presumption

Those in power get to say

“I’ll never ever have to pay

A price for getting what I want!”

They love to lie, they live to taunt

For though I’m old I never thought

I’d see the day when crimes aren’t caught

And punished as they ought to be

(It seems that privilege keeps one free!)

Blatant are the machinations

Stupid are the calculations

The tyrant plays quite fast and loose

Deflecting, lying, overt abuse

But clear the goal at end of day

Is hope the votes their way will sway

And there’s no will to hold them back

For fear of being next attacked

Paralyzing once great nations

Under fascist aberrations

And though there’s few that have gone bust

Don’t ask me why their base still trusts

And that’s what brings this diatribe

What keeps me up, what doesn’t jibe

For though you ask why should we care

It’s happening way over there

I fear if we stay too complacent

Ignore how we are hate-adjacent

Then all we are is plain complicit

Your beloved ass? Bend over kiss it

‘Cause all that hate eats us alive

I wonder how we will survive

It doesn’t take more than one guy

To trigger that which just won’t die

Deep-seated, rooted, seething rage

Has ushered in a new dark age

It might seem small perhaps a seed

But a little time is all it needs

To break through soil that’s tilled with hate

For fearful lives retaliate

And soon there’s nothing left of worth

A smoking globe once fertile earth

Stripped of all its lush and glory

No one left to tell the story...

I hope that though our souls grow weary

Of all the news that’s sad and dreary

We’ve lost track of a thousand scandals

I hope it’s less than we can handle

Let’s band together, fight our fate

There still is time, it’s not too late

Pray one day, with strength and hope

We’ll find goodwill back in our scope

This lunacy melts from our brains

We start to make sense once again!

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