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World Weary

Day in and out

The same routine

Wear your mask

Keep hands clean

Social distance

Rarely visit

Stay at home

Party? Skip it

World on shoulders?

Please take heart

Sort out your bearings

Is where you start

Clear your head

And find a way

To make the most

Of every day

Be kind to those

That try and fail

For not all seas

Are smooth to sail

‘Cause everyone

Will deal with stress

In unique ways

That suits them best

Take deep breath

Then take a walk

Reach out to those

That need to talk

Find a way

To stay the course

Make inner peace

Your main resource

This ain’t the time

To give up hope

Just ask for help

You’ll learn to cope

No task too hard

We can’t not do this

Regain your strength

Let’s power through this!

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