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False Hope

Now that I have reached my fifties

Things I thought once kind of nifty

Now have permeated life

But ‘stead of ease, they’ve brought us strife

What once was storied, now contrary

No one goes to the library

A CD player? A VHS?

Once less was more, now less is less

If you have dough that ever grows

There is no place you cannot go

Who thought you’d ever carve a path

To outer space but not know math?

And now approaches dread A.I.

We made this mess! I ask, but why?

What’s left for us on this blue ball

When tech is smarter than us all?

What good are we if with one button

Out spits something out of nothin’?

I think I’ll go straight back to bed

And plead denial in my head

In quiet try to make some sense

With my quite “real” intelligence!

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