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A tricky word is “family”

Means many things to you and me

I feel it’s what you make of it

And often what you take from it

It can mean that you share bloodlines

Or that your lives have intertwined

And made connections deeply true

That biology cannot undo

Some do better when they're without

For there's relations that bring doubt

That love is unconditional

They often hurt through push and pull

But if your family is close

And you are truly loved by those

Through generations have passed down

The best of everything profound

That represents real family

Then all I hope is that you’ll be

Embraced and given such approval

That the thought of its removal

Reduces you to floods of tears

For kith and kin to you are dear

And me? I am beyond one blessed

‘Cause I’m surrounded by the best!

I’m here for them and they for me

And that is why we’re family!

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