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First Day

Like an unwrapped treasured gift

This gives esteem much needed lift

When on the verge of youth to grown

That day when you come in to own

The first day on acquired job

Over wall that weight you’ve lobbed

The resumes, the bleak rejection

When overcome? Such exaltation!

When you have met all your objectives

Obtained credentials, main directive

Then the pavement you start pounding

Doors are slammed, the sound, resounding…

But forge ahead, we all have done it

The first-job-battle? We’ve all won it!

The night before, it’s hard to sleep

Alarm goes off, from bed you leap!

You’ve got your outfit at the ready

A cup of coffee keeps you steady

You’ve packed a lunch, you head for door

You pause, you know there’s one thing more

That warmth you feel way deep inside

Indulge it now, that feeling’s … pride

There’s nothing wrong with pat on back

Just knowing that you stayed on track

How great it feels, accomplishment

You’ve always known just what it meant

There’s years ahead, there’s bumps yet too

Equipped you are to make it through

Let’s celebrate these little wins

It’s how the path to THRIVE begins!

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