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Human Kindness

She waits in shadow of the shelter

Ducking sleet that seeks to pelt her

Pulling coat as thin as cotton

Around a figure gaunt, forgotten

A full-up used old shopping bag

Makes weary shoulder further sag

Bereft her life of prize and blessings

This bag holds all her life’s possessions

She is both seen and soon ignored

By crowds compelled to surge toward

The shrine of busy, gilded shelves

Thinking only of themselves

Too busy with their self-conceit

They look aside, can’t deign to greet

She won’t impose, nor tread on toe

She stands aside, so first you’ll go

And makes her way to where she rests

Four walls, a door and no regrets

Our lives go on, and so does hers

The day she passes, no air stirs

We won’t spare second in regard

To life so derelict and hard

To think of this, is all I ask

In recognition of this lapse

Let’s open eyes so we may see

That outreach offers charity

Let tenderness shape aim and mind

For are we all not human-kind?

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