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Ode to Aging

This day has hit like ton of bricks

That comes with turning fifty six

I inch much closer to age sixty

Without the means to ever fix me

Beyond the state I now reside

With graying mane and weathered hide

Like senior folks, I rise at dawn

At 9 at night, I stretch and yawn

(And yell at kids “Get off my lawn!”)

But there are things I also do

And things I still look forward to

With age comes peace, or so I’m told

At least I hope, now that I’m old

I leave the antics to the kids

Yet love them once, you know I did

My memories might come and go

There’s vivid ones, while dim some grow

But oh this life, what stripes and flavour

The joys, the tastes we got to savour

I’ve no regrets that shadow days

Though aging is, in many ways

A thing that brings much pause and fear

As ailments and infirm draws near

But ask me if I’d e’re go back?

I long for youth like heart attack

Those years of folly, much unknown

So faded as more calm I’ve grown

I’d rather see out setting sun

And greet with grace when my time’s done…

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