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I Write, Therefore, I Am

I am poet, hear me roar

With turns of phrase not heard before!

I’m writer, griper, whiner, seether

Liberate words to the ether

Elicit feelings? How I try

Composing screeds until I die

Thoughts like salts I have you smelling

Sporadically they’re found compelling?

It matters not what others think

Nor if slant in their psyche sinks

I simply strive through undertaking

That there is difference I am making

Creating sonnets, runes in jest

I write and share, you do the rest

There’s many ways we use to cope

In times of stress, we turn to hope

And laughs and tears, and knowing nods

So Life’s not just a joyless plod

I hail those that have found a way

To make life better, every day

Obliges me to spend my time

To sway the mind in form of rhyme

May minutes that you’ve spared for me

If only momentarily

Help spirit find itself less wanting

And make the road ahead less daunting…

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