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Happy Day

*Illustration reference: "Ophelia"

by John William Waterhouse

I wish for her a perfect spring

That birds upon her sill will sing

The clouds will part the sun will shine

The morning dawns so fair and fine

Her kin has table laden bursting

So she is filled and never thirsting

That gaily wrapped, of little thrift

Are all her longed-for fancied gifts

And then the ways are very parted

For she is loved so open-hearted

And quiet home the rest of day

Like plush red cape around her lays

Or if she craves for something good

She seats herself in thickset woods

Surrounded by the loon and fawn

Perhaps a spring-bloom crown she’ll don

And like a princess of the glen

Ethereal, sublime till when

She lies down in her downy bed

Her happy day relived in head

That is my prayer, what hopes to be

Beloved one, my wish for thee…

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