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Hippo Crazy

No one knows where this creature lives

It's a wild and strange mystery

Yet do not doubt its existence

We've all heard of Hippo Crazy

It likes to pretend and promises much

Then does the clear opposite

What kind of creature behaves like that?

I say, we should not stand for it!

I know that a hippo is thought to be sweet

So a hunter need not be commanded

But if it is feigning to be what it's not

At least it should be reprimanded!

I'll tell you the truth we all feel the same

Hippo Crazy is something we hate

We reel when we feel the pain of its bite

And apologies come much too late

Say what you mean and do what you say

Is that really so hard to compute?

But this animal enjoys being bad

Self-awareness is not its strong suit

I know that we hope someone offers advice

That might help us all to defeat one

But honestly if I were given the choice

I'd definitely rather not meet one...

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