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Only the Young

It's the privilege of the young

To never walk to always run

Eyes are down full speed ahead

Set off to where young hearts are led

Skinning knees and shedding tears

Living out their parent's fears

Is that why the new beginner

Always has to be the winner?

Rewarding them no matter what

Never hitting wedge or rut

We aim to coddle kids too much

So at apron strings they clutch

Yet if we can't set young ones free

Cut those bonds and let them be

If children cannot fall or flail

Never learning how to fail

We do more harm than we can know

Kept from rain young seeds won't grow

It does them well to not do well

But gently still take time to tell

That life comes not with guarantee

That ease in life comes with a fee

Teach all children sacrifice

Brokering a compromise

Let them bruise for then they heal

But never doubt that what they feel

Upon those scars is fortitude

Coping skills so less they'll brood

Remember when we were that young

Naïve to how the sweet bee stung

Licked our wounds braved from each fight

Yet did we not turn out all right?

That though we hid from elder's reach

Our parent's words were meant to teach

For lessons learned so much provide

That which youth use as their guide

Next generations won't have complaint

So long as we loose our restraint

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