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Cookin' Good

I love food and can't deny

There's no dish that I won't try

I love to cook from recipes

Familiar dishes prepped with ease

Shopping at the grocery store

To me it's never been a chore

We're lucky that so many things

Help us eat like we are kings

I encourage everyone to cook

From internet to favourite book

Tease your tastebuds don't think twice!

Chili peppers add some spice

Garlic, ginger, diced up shallot

Brings a party to your palate

Splash some wine, add some cream

Poach it, fry it, braise or steam

Roast a veggie and you'll savour

So much richer deeper flavour

All you need is pan or pot

Even if one's all you've got

To make food that is much more pleasin'

Never be afraid to season

Something learned in cooking school

A culinary golden rule!

In 30 minutes you will see

Just how simple it can be

To serve up pasta or a soup

(Even if at first it's goop...)

It doesn't take a lot of skill

Only wherewithal and will

So please consider what I say

Try to cook a bit each day

The more you do the better you get

And easier too with far less fret

And there is no more satisfaction

Than eating well that costs a fraction!

The best part is when sharing food

The memories made taste just as good

Yet after meals that grant all wishes

Rule that must be followed, which is

One who cooks does not do dishes!

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