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Bring Your Weather With You

You bring your weather with you

A friend once said to me

It often comes back to my mind

It works so perfectly

You could dismiss it out of hand

It's what the boomers say

Old fashioned in its sentiment

An over-used cliché

But don't you think it lovely though

So simple yet so true

We control our frame of mind

And what we say or do

When we're faced with challenges

We'll live in peace with ease

Just imagine it is sunny with

A gentle cooling breeze...

But if you tend to bring a cloud

That roils with storm and rain

No matter what is happening

You'll lose more than you gain

I know this might seem childlike

It's not meant to be trite

Life is more complex than this

When faced with fight or flight

It's hard enough just getting through

This life that's full of stress

But it might help a little more

To try and grumble less

So take control of what you can

Our feelings aren't defective

Make the most of what you've got

It's all about perspective!

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