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Nicole, nous t'aimons!

To cherished and adored Nicole

May this birthday charge your soul

Fill your pantry full of spices

That leaves you to your own devices

Makes your food be rich with flavour

Heaping plates for you to savour

Cornucopia overflowing

And for you love like gardens growing

Reap the benefits of earth

And on this day we mark the birth

Of kindest soul and sweetest kin

Shall she feel it through the din

The bells that ring in joyous song

The celebrations all day long

For though this woman full of grace

Knows exactly time and place

To raise a glass and toast the years

Of all the moments laughed through tears

She is so loved and loves right back

Exuding warmth she has the knack

It might be all the savoir faire

She always has that gorgeous flair

There's nothing more that's left to say

Except for her to have this day

Be all for her in full display

In all the love we can convey!

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