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In this age of absolutes

Rigid, knowing and astute

Waking daily to a morn

Then closing day both frayed and worn

For life is rarely free and easy

It’s roiling waves that make us queasy

Unaware what’s round the bend

Never sure how aims might end

We need escape from all that’s tragic

Can we believe there’s truly magic?

A plane beyond the harsh and real

Where the dull turns ethereal

And that which you thought could not be

Becomes a new reality

That’s a world I will inhabit

Now in reach so I can grab it

And drift a breadth above it all

For dreamers have the wherewithal

To create a space where rules withdraw

The only guide is thrill and awe

How dim this globe would be without

Ingenious minds that gad about

Whose art and vision can inspire

Under listlessness sparks fire

Unprecedented zeal is born

Makes possible a world transformed!

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